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Amantadine (symmetrel)

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coMfcna ol th« mc, and tJia oib«> «h«^ tvoftt iVc^ucnd/

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wiltended by Mr. Woodman, of Dognor, only, till die Mon-

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amantadine (symmetrel)

View of human problems to be addressed for long-duration space flights,

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OBJECTIVES : To ascertain quantitatively the frequency, character, latitudinal

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TliFtc tfbpref^atMDfr ue tbcasmc u UiQ«« of tcruM uf Uood,

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Photoelectric device tor recording of leaf movements. Space Life

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especies. Nas mesmas condições estão ainda os seguintes :

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l>r- SiEui <ionclijd<« hii letter by otHerring that ha Itoatvo

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The following document is a compendium of Life Science investigations

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tu«r,i« MittrtiDfxiieaceoniTorthc Bnt tfibwinh In Ewopu,

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CDoktrrvc tbit diii/ibutinn on* ifeaH body a 1 prrwrvvd di*

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CONCLUSIONS : All flight responses were considered to be within acceptable

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Seguindo essa modificação, com mais facilidade con-

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lume. A fibra assim lezada não aprezenta grande alte-

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conaideted to btt |pUiglion&t aa arc also ihc ^orpor^ ^rcantia.

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amantadine (symmetrel or lysovir)

onleT«ofjuiimtb.nQdd«»gnc^ loi [h« fuctuoDi cfthv icnaci.

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VBiiouv pnctiitcincnit witb litti< or 00 relief* For i^ hiu Uw

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was expected from a previous Skylab 4 report. The flux of protons was 23

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plants on the Biosatellite II and Gemini 11 missions. Life Sciences

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the eodiuecc abd dittinct ^nialLpoa complete thr:ir courve, tb«

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which at the time vr^it wholly un«iitfwctcd; and it may at kR«t

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ioo, in tbfl proportion of Mrven lo three. A> it u perhaps

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vfrets.* Bat I w» conitrvhvrcj a^in to tcuri to thcMucg^

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pioic>aoil BbdomloAl nitucIcB* That kouwUdg* of ihr bgotv,

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4)f ihU viib*nncc «■» Tij;itlwT ptvctdcd, not Colkiiirrd, ^y

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Altecnpced to do thk, DOC by jif iog a focioal definition uf the

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