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lo hi- indi.b(C(! to him fnr nothtni^ hm Mji naate.

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Egg production and embryo lethality for Habrobracon from Bio-

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wai fir^d, and ih« ropf nttachn) lr> it wu ihrows oo ibe

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Her recorery u^ia not rapid, but ha» proved eertain- Aflrr

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When ihc tittftr ta thruai dovtt tbroufth ihe cmr>1 nng, the lana-

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applied to Ur. Irwin of Eucorit ih pluce of hii residence,

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hoHpiiala, (int perfect a« they have f littirrto bccn.nnd Utdc as

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gjTtti nknCDK m>K^ cEtiie anvMitr aindue^i Car ii Bn«i al-

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Bupcr^iurtiite of pou^h on adding larmric actd; and a reddish

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EXPERIMENT TITLE/NUMBER : Red Cell Metabolism Studies on Skylab

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CAllttcral UrwKlfet of Scimcrt conducted by % Moaber df

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In luppgrt t>f thn mauhicik, he ^otn tm^^ng others the

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animals. Attempts were made to measure arterial and venous pressures. Two

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the muscle fibers, for the following reason: Previous clinical studies have

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obtained after 15 days of flight, probably because of 2 unscheduled days of

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afterv^iU sivei u^n the authonty of Dr. HoMftck ud Dr.

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ra^cTiBtctiti ttt t}i( Ahhr FonUai on the tkuoii. coincide In

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wiltended by Mr. Woodman, of Dognor, only, till die Mon-

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itAt t{t»Mttity of byilrMuiphiirctt and > taaXi p^nt^on of c«rhc^

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mouth. From the third to iht ninth, aiApy dcAthi m New-York

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lh4t Ri ouf Kcomil of ihc wi>r^ brlorc nn vx >hd btre more

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or it* <ap>u]c, or of both. SomHim«t ivc'axvrr, i btw upon

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i«dU rn ■ ilr*|» narrow wowad/' and Mr. Fr<*r wm tift^Tilo^

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ther •upporionall indfVt from the hl^ud tflViicd and coagulatctJ

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llMl ■■* ihyMlIng lb ifar f^iltrfA- tVlult iindtt ■ tfltirv ai the ftfW|f^

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irtnieat liom cttkuli: fn^m Lrokoiirind, or rupture of air

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a la^ «poenful of pwi aiuid whh a dail te>d ante. Sptaft*

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increased after flight. There was no increase in RNA or DNA synthesis. No

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DISCIPLINE(S) : Behavioral science, Environmental health

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iDiir^' fannndon. Dr. Akert^'i trAmmaiiicanon eoodudei villi

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fatViDg bec4k mucul.ncd tbctc la^(.}e^u,und mauci hating bcctt

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208. Frost, J. D. , W. H. Shumate, C. R. Booher, J. G. Salamy

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insect eggs were studied using several physical radiation detectors. The

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H^is recomcnenda the electuariun cuyoi;o4iitu«i and

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yield which seemed to be dependent on the duration of the flight, and baseline

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tudJAnl tatd iran«vcr«t vonn<1 iioHriL But, in Ml tlie cxprri'

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from Dtbcr poru of America, and frcm England i and (onchaJe*

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diret^ in amdinlmg ftntn and iravenc anoihrr larf!^ maW«

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postflight photographs were made with the crewmen in standard anatomical

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PROTOCOL : Two channels of EEG data were recorded on a tape recorder from

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ftyneems^the gangliDtiaAnd^GVinexirtheabdanMtiKndfhoeav;

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theJudiciouRpraciiciil lc1^tlOfM itconUinq, hoc tooftetcnanyori-

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A waluuii io Augokt iCi shoitiBi diaotcUr wai ibur indie*, iti

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luud in trampiircncy, by the AppUcatton of the buEier of

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jca. WhraanrofihcK <Ai»noperstrtCaa«»raiioiMU5hopc

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improved method of trcaim<nL A r«ry imforunt »icp^ picvi-

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module and then removed from the cradle. The crewman then removed each

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mjwivk e^ the cxitHar mwhacrum, or abrtt, b>' whkh thiA on-

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On the reproductive . . . habits of Cuterebra and Dermatobia.

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tested for alterations in toxin production. Postflight, there was no

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and exercise stress testing. These data were compared with averaged responses

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CHAGAS^ no decurso de autopsias feitas na rejião onde

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that Bowed fro«them«VMvhi(khaadfiloUfid;oifdw»e ftgnat

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tltffimaor id iiniaure. Our MaihorB ouupy tlKmwlv«, we

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cuctliuiivrn, he jHjiixta out, witli ii gwid di'^ uJ ui^cuuiiy, tho

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time. At 45 minutes before flight, the monkey was given anesthesia,

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Monblc to mp^e ihM the pirranmr on the aorta voold hovit

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