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Dr. Jooe» having eiwnincd aad frcf^ly rzpoMd th£ defects

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PROTOCOL : Radiation dosimeters were worn in pockets of inflight coveralls.

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hydalich hxvr aey conncTiion wiihcaeicerj inoaeiiiprnthcm, W

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329. LaFevers, E. V., A. E. Nicogossian, G. W. Hoffler, W. Hursta,

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pemoni, and that, ai iar as U fcnuwn, the ^^ vaccination in all

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Caur*», aiwl of forming on anifUid pupil* By RohcrE Mo.

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mon &OII3 tu utc, uIiao«t to the heal lerauDiCvon.^

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IN rfpT>' to youT inquifv rMpcctlog 1117 c*p*rimtnc» upon

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to space radiations are very low in orbits similar to that of Biosatellite II.

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Biochemical responses of the Sky lab crewmen. Proceedings of the

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40. Bergman, S. A., G. W. Hoffler, and R. L. Johnson

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O. taenioides e também com a do Chentrosoma tumidulus,

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for the spores. Postf light, the vials were opened, and analyzed for growth.

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period was added to protect the crewmen from any increased susceptibility to

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Iftincng vsti^iit propnrijonft of coftgxUahVe vtnlicr ltL« ihnt of

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jcctio<i of •pitit^ into th< qioBMch, I have femnd ihb Af^ftn to

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pottiutfi ol BatJiic oatUn tJxan an vqual gii-cn quanti:}' v\ rx'

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have ccnaini y been eiBharraMrd h]^ the gren depth of ih« proa*

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morning the patient apprartd rclirvcdj »n ihv *v»ing, how-

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(ecce a^inst »t^h an evU. The ^Aqftratv, hy retaitiiagthr nrw-

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died; in ihc ncncdiiif cvci ihcy rcoovctvd.* Mr* Frrcr, in

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the achools of inedicinc at Bloriipcll^r uid Al ThouIaLucipc-

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OBJECTIVES : To investigate the light flash phenomenon, and to obtain a direct

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niMvncc in th^ btood i% ioromfmttbk trith ihe btahhy fwc-

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não poude ficar bem estabelecida, comtudo a forma e dis-

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lecta a cr>'iuUine form. TheM nnuU cn'X^^s dnaolve in cos-

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On the Op«nitloin of bf^Lj' puncturing (he Cftptule oC the

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onleT«ofjuiimtb.nQdd«»gnc^ loi [h« fuctuoDi cfthv icnaci.

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Dbi suf paio ia the wound or >tfteied am; ibc »kln iaJ tmx^e

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tioo he hiA here |;ivm lUf /or uroilftT siKCcai, he »uum i)**

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the compofttn to ^ivr ti-i tninr Ave wrUki^, btti at <bp ULtiM

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column, cultured, and pulsed with H-uridine or H-thymidine. This was

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cloied »t cnr t^ld^ inio which one p»n of phosphoms ii wiro'

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■QMiAljrMKiriilH-fbrc "lU fOnJcru, when w« coiukdcr ibc Li|;h

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log fibfci, after deeuiutinf i>>e convergiug frbm u the outer

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cftioif in ihc thdutdrr,* i-xceptift^ nt the puntruitc «liMh va>

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This itdimcnt commonly appean in the fortu of 4 graiDrd

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jeciioDi mdc by tccptio. and by our advertMf k%, Ii n (hub ihal

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The eanali meiwt'>nrd ai exiiiing in the nrrvoni mw< of

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curily whkh k aHonftto iDdivkliwIs, occaaioaa noftdbMifucd

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vMcr fron too* lo ITO*i bat rradily diffu»ib1e.-^3, A limpid

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46) THOREL, CH., 1915 Path. d. Kreislauforgane d. Menschen. Erg. d. allg.

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pn«ait> 4 bcUer abl<^Tbing iuiEkc, we may conclude that thU

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the amino acids taurine, sarcosine, and B-alanine were elevated, whereas,

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joiat, ID all reguUniy Will form^ and liai t'>niin\jc4 there Jbi

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found and was similar to that produced in the laboratory using the horizontal

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Ca^ of Poison bff^rsmur. G>ivupumnni/n/%Mr. Soili

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of taydrocck li^ lnu*^Mi| mi the oih«r tund, maay catc» faat«

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^Obj. u. ■ When ibogorgH has 1>L^«n4u<EccMfallyiM>od^<«d

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thi^ addiliun of nitric ucid mi^rcty convirm the nnuriatic sales

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EQUIPMENT : Constant speed dynamometer, bicycle ergometer, isometric device,

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hiireifarchciforaconajJeTibh ti[n<-,anddeUj1cdtodieaw:iety

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the flight subject. The derangement of the cardiovascular system suggested as

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A ctmftjticrahtc pnition of the ri^t lurrg vu famul wtticr-

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rounding cf^IIol&r itAurc, ood die bbiusi thus tfarm«l, may

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wioo of mutcuUr energy it ihcrf mil oJaniee combination «f

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anatoaiiti, tlie buM of hia phiiiolagkal opiaiouB, hive bcou

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multiplicação do nucleo e lijeira pigmentação no proto-

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Fkm. i« mhath pl*tt «l«o ihcjr hftve coatbmcil tbcir bboor ef

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*^4, Has not M. Mui^jr Htcn tfait 1 ttdvbo cmctic« when

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254. Haymaker, W. , B. C. Look, D. L. Winter, E. V. Benton, and M. R.

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week, and R+4. The bone scans were made using photon absorptiometry.

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avrtn th<: fsial rhiTU whkh the oeciutonat mifcratioiift ai the

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freat^irtho cncmor waa cmYfcd irnh a itrnni^y toancctwl loh-

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the he^rt u«raMblc u> the ttimuhu of tht bbud^ end slopping

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reuonablc p«rciic htt» refilled to lUov lu» chOdrea the benefic

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djfficuli to be healed. It U bid practice to attempt Ae temoval

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v]tt(;«ru, Burruudd tliG iniculiac. no oa ta bUMi^UIc il witliia

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Ai ihera wftt ao calcjnoiu iucnuUCktii M tibe ipriog, them

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*' Thinv »oem9 to be k predttponcnii iLa txtlitnf^^ and a prox-

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dtt cmdu*iuiLft, mLkji-c dccUrctJ, cuncrmiti^ like k>nd» aiid

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ihftpr, »nli1 ai length tt hun btcumu w> prominent ai to hinder

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wnbjei:!, ittlheyciv 1807, ibim now be denud iodHpumblf,

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Past and future space flight experiments on man and their spin-off

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gnai oTtbe dimn wau checked each lime liy mmaulnmg ■

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tropism) in null gravity can substitute for geotropism (gravitational effect).

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Mr, l>cnMi^c« dtiiEnguiAhcii iwo kiacU of >foni»nrnu4

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of the sugar. l>ic bi4^kiw»» U tlho deeper than Id the forowr

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dcTwdf flii>pluir«(l ti Cor oth«r oxpcrtmcnu, uid coag;ulatcd it

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