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4 cnmman iDA*mTnaeioTi. Om I'Xainining ibr imtemil suic ol

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Uady fnflamcdi x-ad an CTUpttoa of imnltpax pattules hsd np-

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CONCLUSIONS : With adequate life support equipment and adequate restraints,

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The swimming anomaly could be due to (1) absence of continuous bending of

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^tikeil E«gUod,lbrth«pnrprn« fl^fxammirtjinfoihi^nnce^

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CLASSIFICATION : Plant - Tobacco seeds ( Nicotiana tabaccum )

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innl^*! 1^ t^^> I tffirrn, Ukui if pLyirciAiii miLa 4 pmi^r iIJi'-jicluti lie-

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Bpplinl jntcnuilty, tfatt >», to the miucMia lacmbnineB of the

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)1&, I fimcKl I Set oom^iUrnl chlifly of muriate oi tod>^ ph^S'

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Htifdaml has btHy rctomvncndcd beUadoottt in vhoopi*^

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thf nerved and coBvulqivi^ cni>;^ »i»n ^iip^Ypnrd. HU pulie

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386. McNulty, P. J., R. C. Filz, and P. L. Rothwell

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tendon of practitipnera. Notwithata&ding we do not mean to

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■ac ilKlf; «o that, whco k k divided, It i« tuppoard thi> the

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PROTOCOL : Standard posteroanterior chest films in systole and diastole were

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ftii years old, wcu ebo «T^ted with stfiatogotu *3;mfilo«Ai, nnd,

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showed no significant biochemical, cytological, or genetic changes.

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With the beginning of NASA, the military surrendered sole rights to

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10, 1976.) Materials Sciences in Space with Application to

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conjunction with the lower body negative pressure protocol.

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were above 0.5 R. From nuclear emulsion measurements, an upper limit dose due

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r»l:flgtfmeni, >c«m fully auffieient to dittinguj^ the pKU-

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conjelação, são tratados pelo método da hematoxilina

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C-lf jjfcom'i B»«hod orpfTwrn'mg »lui»tfrtckcd miruMin 1>F

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conftiiiuii'A uMi]*cei)ti^jlc of unallpnx, cipt<U||y liact it ha»

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had a hceiJc lever aad eold »bi« ermf>f. Tbrrc vm now no

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poM more pvtkutarl)' (o cmplitr >t ail ttiU tiRi*. Whm \\x

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usage, and coolant water temperature change. These, as well as body heat and

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Mr. lJe«ulpio» DTiKle the phoftph<»<jtc«»ec by cuUiaioa the

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>i la inurtify vid el^u^i vH. But ihit U ipu pi«iitl'ul, uid ki in-

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but Mr* Howard don noi ^rrcn dUpoard U> adnh thf ni }mo

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The wmrbifi^tt^ tbe il^ily accxiaiuiMMMH of iadi^iUit Mrdov,

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linlc brp;rr ih*n ihr diy rod, and filled up ir> ibc brWn with

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** Obj. 4. ' It U uoifonnly ackjiawLcdgCFd by ih< b«K tur-

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port ike revjit of my ofaKrvatkina ob the oftcacy t>v influcwce

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hematology and immunity, nutrition and musculoskeletal function experiments.

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Proceedings of the IAA Orbital International Laboratory and Space

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An ialniioa of greeniea IbroMU broinu, purplea, and hlackat

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Fkm. i« mhath pl*tt «l«o ihcjr hftve coatbmcil tbcir bboor ef

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compensatory, adrenal-pituitary-mediated retention of water and sodium and by

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various proportions of die other elements; to ascertsun which

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of the opcrauon* The tumor, when removed, «1iOuld be care-

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Blossoms and Aerobees, monkeys and space rats. Men, Rockets

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CONCLUSIONS : The growth of wheat seedlings in space appeared normal. The

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transitions from one state to another. The monkey never achieved its normal

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pcctiDtui aaduicept mui^clea, and havtni; un'rtvd with th« ftfvt

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eke ia tietilliy actum, lad by ibc 6nc, yet *Jnpk co<ilriv«ac«

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DISCIPLINE(S) : Radiobiology, Genetics, Behavioral science

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RESULTS : Postflight tests with rotating striped drum, light orientation,

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sulphate, nitrogen, sodium, potassium and chloride.

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ecological relationships, host susceptibility and external environmental

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the original by Archibald Scott. Tbomaa Dobson, Philad,

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The mom of the ctiqcnp^ may fn'^ucntly he suspended, if

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fibras musculares parazitadas desde que a seção trans-

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stages of growth and mutation induction using several physical radiation

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blood redistribution. Changes in the venous compliance are thought be be

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os campos microscópicos dos cortes de coração, são en-

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Tni caipcrioieiHa ol profcii&r Lnlie. to prcdiice ice

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than that of tfao apriog; *aiUr nrar ibc «ttminit- The niaeral

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from the source so that each would receive its correct exposure.

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cttfy m fftvour of ib« 9«rg«tt thie form ol whkh, bovcver, kt

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ankUt of the arvcn nun- The line waa mily om inch aad a

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ficri^ctimrmy m ihc ItrnF^r thollc b the bovdi, ctiMRMtnty

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alkjtlws into «oDibuitibleiiubkUii£ci of Metallic vplmdour.

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dM diScrcBi lecTt^UM *fc<n iocr«M«d by it all at cmcc, v>£.

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not conUin oxI^q^ or U may be proved, dial muiiaiic km! gaa

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Trcmi it* atttchvnmtB- Thr <opjuttcfIn*hM»ld dicatwdtvided

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Opinion, aod for ittU purpoie, i( U Mccnar^^ to Ittac ihvm wlih

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iotcroourtc wuh ■ ^cM number of dtHtrnguj^cd inen, and an

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may no longer maiiifrtt die L^me cbumcter. 11m orignud char-

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