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of thv ch««t, which ia tpttc ot iu bojAticd Bihibritr w cManiign

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Possible genetic alterations and effects on man. NASA CR-134328,

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nas cavidades peritoneal, pleural e pericardeal. Em um

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fkrftrr in tA pUbi a manner, tKnt 11 lecmi ftmptiriKitilr tn«

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Then loJIov the AnalyiieaJ ExperiaeMa b}- which the Pr><

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to Utc n^mc (|uc»tiaD here notthougbioftiU the foUo«iri$)<e3r*

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edvc« on the bovapnt. Ilic dreh «aa under wauri ibc whok

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Ktd; ihe hjlmion, wliirh van pcrtcci, except a few flnmiln,

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toac of voice, OT by ft ttron^ glwc of light, he TToulil be hiartled,

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II - Behavior of Hirudo medicinalis in unnatural environments,

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rvMOOB fbr Mil ftdoftin^ ii, rjandiulH ch« nifejeci of crur«l

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PUBLICATIONS : 28, 113, 114, 115, 117, 118, 119, 120, 185, 186, 213, 420, 469

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ihf pramoiitw 3nrl infrrMc of mutctilar (lAvrcr ift not ftolkary

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neen amd poiated out in tbe xvpon do rftcclnoiMii made to

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irfiE<-h n rhjtrarrrrUtiC of thr nn^Jtju^i, U(t T\r% doubt of the

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proficiency increased during each Skylab mission with crewmen adjusting

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warm baih auy be employed. The iauncrkino ol die body

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dexterity in various activities under weightlessness with similar activities

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vhkh muit b kk in a gruicr or I«m degree by rU wbo r*CO-

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21 -day period before flight were identified. Physical examinations and

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the divided mA* rn|{ethcr, and lO t^nrilioe ihcm in v)st;\t aatui^l

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2 total dose was 0.015 mJ/Kg. Protons of energies < 28 MeV, alpha particles

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idioptof OUT Jipothecaricft. Tliey, howci'cr. iCfOufdL^odl»UiiV|

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Hitiifi. S'^rii* b««omc mcrcl;* mttk)^ lluiih* other* cnrdjr flotdi.

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A punian ol liiJt rcftjii-likc tiuUtAncc Tnrrng mixed v/Uh

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fnenn. M> D-tgrnrtira found more dilR^ulty la ■uppltimg ^i

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Tbp fvoductran of hidrog>ni, wIvd nwtab are acted <hi fay

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The hepatic smell, of which the water partakes at the sprhtg,

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Ac&iiiu, dcflth pruduc^d bj tke juke o( - - - TTi

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which ibey ftou rrry much M their eaac, paddlifts willi tlMrr

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The fuUootngU tSc average Ermprnitcre of Madeiu, com*

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mechanisms of biological damage by HZE particles, to measure the charge and

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stat and radiation on root tip cells of Tradescantia. . Radiation

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QT interval, QRS maximum vector magnitude, QRS-Eigenloop vector magnitude , and

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of taydrocck li^ lnu*^Mi| mi the oih«r tund, maay catc» faat«

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toDT' K< M' Vbi.cnll, vho put un]| nimt«l»dni«H]ib«nmt e^f du vnonrA

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{ood, Feom the litt uf ifec acddeai, il t^ould Dcvor b« iMag-

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* copicMM iffiDCa let* fill the Aptvur^.-v frtclr in fvrry ditng

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cular rodtv,1oftv prtc^Icet^proimiirai ri<!|^,ilcepocwnui<;aia

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mon mivmJ liEiiuji: \}\K iuciaiifo j* to be Budc [MtaU^l bo ihe

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The pRaiuTT wbkk n «caploycd on lbc tnntiCit by cbe

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possible shielding against HZE particle bombardment is ensured in the design

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filoycd. 3inoc the quftDtUy ofwiier obtained wn t^tft! to ftt

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role in the response of plants to geoinduction. The carbohydrates presumably

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«or4 eicilrt >n a1«na in tbr m'rndaof nuoy pcrtoM, at If

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full of cMkcraiev, loflie of vfucb were cortxxlcd, and otbcrs

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vestibular sensations, and the continuing polydipsia all acted to disturb the

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PncAtod £diicaiian, M-hoiv d«ughucr he oflcrvatda inuncd-

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of the benocrhag* ia atcomplUb^d hy y\v: rvirM^oa aad eon-

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Od d>c fifarihd«y in the moni'm^hc uyctfanhrr improved,

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(wt pmu*c ^f'~< Limbton, flKsabrrCnr Durtnm) ivmr pkced

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cfFeci i«i ev^ty ioaiaacc m Ifu dian mcocy nupQi<«, if D(>ligft«

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arv twice euscqitiUe of smollpoi, a dinonitfT whicfa produtci

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generuv* diet, with tonici: and under thit treaonenc, wkh

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coVcHt* to ifl Vbo rftpc(»^ amy <l<:»ir«,or ifttowtd noj^intni-

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:d a ftufficbot time io become cold, * /Aoj^h^irrt cf Sme

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tint Ibc pr^ipritty of dcU^^n; ttapouttuu till Uke ktat iaflia-

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of lhc«c vdLuaurr practitioner* ik ulino«t»OifOTinly coaCnedtO

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I>*Dib, hrrw produced Tiyvcg«iabtfi poiiont - - - 9&fl

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OBJECTIVES : To perform a short-term analysis to assist in animal monitoring

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«|ipeAfBnccj it! oolnur i* a litltc. And but A liidt'^ lUrkcr ihvi

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■mI «rhich iippcju TO have been couiknied uttb dw owM elri*

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^wKtbdrawn: trticn ihc xDScnua b qiiit* cUd. llie photpbttnt b

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ti>*c, Id ri**Ty iiuLu^re^ either been dJicWgcd wiTh (he fcpcti,

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ihctittrrvdrdgvof thQ»t«rt]o^lc>do niMCouJeu^ mifttcla. Ttw

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which 4n valuftblr on many accounts The chapter* on the

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sensitve film, Ansco 552 film, antimony foil, alanine, and albumin.

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(lunsa, tbeir prodncfej methods of nrduciifin, md rmprovc^

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the obftcrvaliorti of ihc nio«t r«*pectbb|c viiccrt, t (bought

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It was within normal range on days R+3-7. Suppression of T-cell numbers (by

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300. Johnson, R. L. , G. W. Hoffler, A. E. Nicogossian, S. A. Bergman, and


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entific experiments of Skylab. Huntsville, AL, Oct. 30 -

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flight package were disassembled and the particle hits were graphed.

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Of ihii ^rtt/l nnnbfT of woncn 930 wtn drifveirrl hy art, the

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isgofslxcftof 'hr principal phrsiciaDcofParUtexprtA* their

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jntt(h oJ the atUBiBoa of (1i« wntvouM* wad mra of

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'llw auvthor tccofdin^v dirTi:lH the afiplioiion of kecliv* to

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Iiiwttk«> I have known paijenc«, who w«re ontkr a x-ol«ruty

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changes in behavior induced by growth in the Skylab environment. These

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■nd thtirfunctM)n*pr«Aerved vnuTfi uoafr notloflaBrrovtrw

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hi& band QA Um pottft antfby cvdiiinunK/* Here, bcre bmypds,

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