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for leakage and waate, aoaimuch m the condtiit doea oot col-

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RESULTS : The subject was entrained to 24 hour cycle but with a shift of 2

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EXPERIMENT TITLE/NUMBER : The Effect of Weightlessness on the Growth and

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OBJECTIVES : To determine whether a specific portion of the high Z-high energy

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the primary cause of the shape changes. The significance of the observed red

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lyr-K and ihc anteriof and poaictior coniautturea. I'he aize

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bocanw dvtfpir imgcO vrih thubub. Tbc bile In die ^ blad-

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vith an Apficndix.exinicted from ihc TruDaaalvoa^fthe Royal

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ihraufj^ almoft every part cf the lungs, abo at a diaunce fmti

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«d «ffu^oci0 to form auy f^At imms oI chalk, and t^ consii*

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Car rvco if mattiiaaiMn baa acuullir brAun, the opmitiim may

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PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR(S ) : Torquato Gualtierotti, F. Bracchi, and E. Rocca

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fQiflnvl and trnnivene wDncd tinite«H Bu*, in *U ilie ripi^rn-

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CONCLUSIONS : There were no adverse physiological effects associated with

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toin<lhin|tf he iiHyai lo imparl to them of p^rcatimportvicc *ihkh

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detectors. The BIOSTACK unit was flown in the Command Module where shielding

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pnsenB to the mincniogist n richer, or aton cxtcnfcii'ff fidU

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uf h^il m olhcr rapct:(k. br tnuat cilber lOYtte ihls Mcm^flJ

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lomc refteciioiiB on the eonunuiuotSoa of th« Ivngs »iih the

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might more clearly delineate a deficit in blood return and chamber filling

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S. PuniUni evprauffMioa frooi the nifMmc of AU<cMt%or

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\\\ were MTucfc by lomc true, tmC eloqucut oUervtcioo* oft

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Task and work performance on Skylab missions 2, 3, and 4: Time

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<|ua»EJtica. Dlgit;alit ujin coDndfnd strvkcabU m«oaH«Kfti

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the thicker ihc pLt« the Ic^ irriuckft to the sort which K<re«e«

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á destruição (dijestão) incompleta dos tóxicos

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lo A qu«rur of fttk bour ^c »piJcArcd u> lie rttovcriog- i n-

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ivnlorgMi tif the wilh vbiUt other*, w iihoui poiic^injt enf

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U very i|vickt)'. No dc|-tve of bnu c«n ivnvove the phoapho-

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er«ifitnl by fHciioa, ur «ti^ iftcf[»vM of beat, oritty oihcf

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in a »iiniLu minner^ Who could divjoe the fubctioDa of the

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U(l;wuu maj' as«tiHic,iiou1dbr bni^ (i> my puipoMi but

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atttlaTtIs uaitraml to CMn ufhicre abMoining £roai r*r«icntiB|[

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gin OB idea of the eitenc of hi» eipericoce. On hit rciuiu to

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/»! th^ ii/>e/^j*n. The men fcave brcwl *ndt»c«t, lb* women

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Esta alteração, de observação delicada, só deve sér

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explains the observed decrease in reticulocyte counts.

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some iiofc tlay or luic: or, a cMvr mi^ be bmcd to fit tfao

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low red heat, and wci^bed. A fier thu* »epara^ag the mlphatr

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EQUIPMENT : Two sets of EKG leads, rectal temperature thermistor, impedance

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wboH cxperMKc gtvci ooiMdcnble wportmcv to th<b op«-

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plMlc k precipitited fmm dtl« nsfuiiao bv neina of tin *ukuilc

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vt gcnvnly iiiMn;«tki^ (o the Ro^rvl SucicK>', I will ndeftvour

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becD treated vUh tonk rrmcdic*, oq the iwpiKMUion thAt the

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EXPERIMENT TITLE/NUMBER : Medical Microbiological Analysis of U. S.

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On examiamg the mmor n djir* spot 3pptaT<i»l on ha cvDKirT.

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U vccMBiuoaiU' Kixci him m> violfftlly that be Us unbk (i»

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csriib^i, lod iiyttu vxpuuion of dim port of ihc bnc uf

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pcTved, in mjr opinion, th* nccMtii)- ot any new nttenpt to

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