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ttHwni und tttil\« whal »utnt«ion auy iacrvaie or dnttoy

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Ber. deut. botan. Ges. Jahrg. 19. Hft. 4 p. 247-270

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uponpnnup^fH (idUved to be kt« tttblc to objeciion than

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Biochemical analysis of body fluids. A Review of Medical Results

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hah contributed more to Incrcbtc nod cUffiue mttirrJLbgkal

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it* E*ni«r. DBt m"]^ ihu Ui* UiiUl or nrtflto putof animfi ih^n-mnrr.

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hovcvcj.ahc cont'c»c4 that ah« was better* both ai r«g«rdcd

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cttiftJt llun my other. Ii rcbies to the <lUcovcry nf natire

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TIk bcxL iDurttiiig kc pfocute«l mum MnnMHyvio, HnDfcc4>&

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appear to be ihc vnhf purpuM JW wbkh it \% dciigncd. No

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RESULTS : Evaluation of Skylab crewmembers for mission related effects on oral

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PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (S ): Otto H. Gauer, and David Simmonds

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don,diffenaBOQtyuidcgrceof tbrcc, pcrmuncDty.anddilFust*

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been profiMcd to auouui for xht circuoi^tamce, and explali

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ouaco of blood, by cupi from die nrcL and tecnples, and (o

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rística nos cortes transversais, é a consequência

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Upon idquirr, itwaiioitrtjUBcd diocth'ti anfortunaic yooiif

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w^th tftanuH- Mouaud thcs acinal cautery Vfrc equalT)- nn.

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When this matter is taken from the spring, it u of ablack

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Mpaturd canftU, nol fisnwd b^ ait^ficiil rsp^dicatt* Indeed

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Kennedy cxprnted kimvelf aaibficd that mtu S. BAoth had

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expected abnormal development. No differences in development of the frog eggs

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io bet* 4nch ehan^T* In rolour mutt bav« fK> refaflm

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Orbital otolith experiment TS4. Proc. of the Physiol. Soc.

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«nd of « prob^ The propndy of ailire^dg rhe ajxnar^ naiu-

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RESULTS : No results could be considered unusually aberrant; only a single

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|h« epemiov) of uii* ohedicmc, and the age, aeK, «oaititution

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tng It OD ih« contrary u otui of tbe bcM means of Mofnniaing


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clc ooly, a puncture >ho«ld tntcantly be madr. It u iniprutknl

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C0Mc« OD tuJdcnIy, Mimetinci tittt my strong cxercuc, aad

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RESULTS : Apollo crews reported cephalad fluid shifts, soreness of back

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inii>roper to rcosiLTkt tliai vihtn an <)c haa been ^uoIe, if an

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it on thcif JthouldcTi, lay thcmtelvca dat on the gc*tikua, on

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choac ARioTTg Rrlkginvii PtopU- Seccod Amcricui Edition.

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of the woand> With one Uriger iu the wound 1 &und h very

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opcn« Mid a (ooling rtfitnen vDjosnctJi wid il may be nec««s«r^'

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conducted to determine the effect of the flight launch vibration profile. The

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Environment Symposium. NASA TM X-5 8103, p. 137-151, 1973.

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IRS to ni*c hiantel/ up '» bcd^ a vl&lttit cnnmbjve hcCioo about

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of mineral and other metabolic changes to be expected in long-duration space

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vk^ eftttpdag thm of ttic a<Ircfiuemcnu of their d^wspapcra*

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DISCIPLINE(S) : Endocrinology, Environmental health

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Cardiovascular observations of the Macaca nemestrina monkey in Bio-

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BfAi To produce indirecdy n omplHe ohiitcmkin not otilf

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on nuclear material. No effect was found on achromasia or DNA repair.

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Bttciu to have re^Uimcd bim from pubtishmf hucy condU'

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taitUt and bcin«; dibtiacuiilMd tocftlh^ by «cvcr| o(h<r iHakcs,

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aUnv^ I bm givf n ■■ aiiich u l«« Miicft ri«T7 Inmt^ in tha ifjlcr'Ak cf

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tiriMif; parj^tivc eflcci. but the «ympt4>ni» were rrmnml with

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" Antw> It ia here avumcd that ibc »urg(ou vperjitci wtlb ft

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U(l;wuu maj' as«tiHic,iiou1dbr bni^ (i> my puipoMi but

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mauler of aril. In irsi, he w<ot lo Rdinburgh, where hedU<

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place in these mUdnr v^py*, a Um qiiAnirfy of ehalk U nmally

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7' Thtt tbt et'^ninft mUMtUKM of vhtch pan oonvAC*, m%

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dow of Pouieau, KirUuid, Monod, Goocbt Hoicv, :in<r

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nonreplaceable cells were destroyed. In manned space flight, the primary

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eScdkni U-.1. The heut uf cZiutlitfoii vecott to MparMe the

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RESULTS : The ACDR and the DMP exhibited a shortening in the reflex duration

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DISCIPLINE(S) : Endocrinology, Environmental health


same time as the blood. A general exposure history was taken, and ground

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Bui these were out the only untoward circuonktancet inei*

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pituitary gland extract at F-48 hrs. The eggs were fertilized and placed in

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thry caacMi br raailily, or ai aU cOTiplrti'lr nepuaird i^aiD

which is better irbesartan or losartan

in high doses, is known to control the immune response, the depressions in

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teumc of AA anitnal bf divklod irMHVerftrly, re^intied hy Ug^

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^aitins- ■poplcciac iatkeirfonD«,Bnu>kcdtu»iaociium£M Uie

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One great dlaadvanmgp cf the iiuufficieni nunbcr of medi-

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ycftn* uitl Ue Uinicd faiMoriu reAsrka, dud upoatKi*

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tioni bui wi- have atrcadi- rendered :bii aiticle long. T^e rreai-

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ciBc, (KiK amJibJc lady cooti&urd 10 cxpmcncc great tati^ac-

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leadi to pcr»ufuic mv dial the patiani nught at dus time hnve

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it VMSup|v>^(fl toocfOAiuQ vwlviil c(>rtvuliicin$ hy tu ^i»}tjre

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of the Uood, butitdoeaiKiiailU|tetherd<4Dosr ibe jiovcTOf

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hjoi, and in the company oi others, ai kii^g as they Miaved

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U. attributei the BuaUty of ihb confilaiiii to bod pr»ctkie, and

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<TTor ha» arUrn frv^m tatinj M*n> psrlUl a viirw of ihrfimciav

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£3cr^niX]:hT 4. 1 Injccrtd irtio die ktomacb of a rafaUt two

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qudfiliiyof matitr trraied could not Tvaaonahly honuppoEitd

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the question whether HZE cosmic ray particles are injurious to brain and other

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gmtlemfto lird thr ir^r/a d^i>:tnden9 of dogi, very near lo the

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nirrouMlxn^ tsich eitrcmliy of die i^ncry. far iIm tpftce of am

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