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L Dopa And Levodopa

with great dtSculiy, gntes ^e bone, by which the puhk artery

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6th day. The firvu- hJkd cntiMv aubniJMiand thf pock hcfin

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to have been indiipoiedi (he servant mud, oacoftheoi, vaa

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TIh expcnrace of ibt pro w at tb^- u cqu«fly «cn«g in Bi<

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Effects of the space environment on radiation-induced damage in

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were cvcv mjide use of^and die»(raJt-w*JStcoattiQlyiaeaae« of

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VJ«ki»g acfOflMhc roo^^ or hy i quetiloti put to likn ia n ihoiqi

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pLTTilimv of Afl iiUfVMC* \i\ ibe hkUtf iirv|*itiJon u ibe vlen'iiiir I Un^

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com os segmentos regularmente arranjados, aprezenta no

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tJi« riglit tide or tlie spine, «utdnn|{ an nlMoriieat gbnd oa iftw

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in tJic Rt^uatt aemitraasparcnti the taHace, affrr e jip oa uff g to

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perfVMicnt prvcipitJiu^ I hive no doubt the quwuty va» ino

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taadcvtf cspvrinxA}. Tlu*«na£kw»lbflai*cdby tivcemin'c

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equatorial latitudes, the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), and southern

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ofbOdUlfil mncU»r« i« Ur grxjurr; but for gouty andvaoinroua

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entered wiih paprr, and rxpr^rd to the kuu tJlJ perfectly dryv

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Bone density changes in a Macaca nemestrina monkey during the

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efforts through separation of similar cellular species.

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qrutotity of cwhunic acjd, (and thii could be ejoiroaud with

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their Chotiotti on ibr mT^jecr ir^rr ti- c* iifutrd and thcir judg-

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niglit; bftiC an ounce ot tobiiU liiiciiiic ud^yuaiacum wiib khy

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and shoots of wheat seedlings. The Experiments of Biosatellite II.

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ocenr io the otlirr *pcci<!S. Mr, C. ilo** not enipl'«' d:e com-

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Dr. ficddoeii^ rdtrawm (ram Oxford, which ue brflcvo

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&anie'* Ahliougti \i »noi nm^ar). that the quantity ihouhl

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vqaoQ of tione, may be thown by the fkjJfoiritt^ curiouA ctrcuan-

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hai bt*f» cupotcd. f hk€y by the introdoclJon of GflffK»*™#,

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deconditioning, reduction of red blood cell mass, and musculoskeletal

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14 it pu^iilde (hat the im[ncit*e nucnber of u'ou&dcd ihai arc

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I>*Dib, hrrw produced Tiyvcg«iabtfi poiiont - - - 9&fl

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■Ad MlditMft. Br Edwird Parker and JOMph U^bpUiov,

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Id onlcT to dinde the a|rioturc« ^the aargca pMaw U»

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^Oor author here finda tfiat ict action vpoo ihovr indi^ldi

l-dopa and carbidopa in 6-ohda lesioned rat

OBJECTIVES : To provide a means of quantitating and correlating space

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T. Samorajski, F. S. Vogel, B. Lloyd, M. R. Cruty, and E. V. Benton

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PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (S ): G. Donald Whedon, Leo Lutwak, Paul C. Rambaut ,

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very nciraDrdJfliLfy ■kmiiovt in bcr upptaruoce and demeanor.

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MAN N) com o qual mantém uma continuidade orgânica.

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indnBRcin«nE«o JIB to frndtr thjm while And firm in their

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