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Constata-se que, cessado o aglomerado, a fibra mus-

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pote of fticertninbg tbc changt* that bad happeni;d, from the

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porpodie In vkror, tt vcmld be proper ta hnTC no^ or boopa B

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altrntion to botanical TMrarch, amid^i the mgagemcnu of rV'

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hdnl, nitli a dry cou{^ ■InuM jiuvft«M»|KmicuUrly)iiUic

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of the coil of Gron cDur und of lir Henry Manin* Bar;, h»ve

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mov>1 of coogeMien tn the livcTf their dyapom Unving thrni,

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I S«f itit JTp<Hl «f Ujff n^Tkl v}^C<^ of pbpieuM « net i*»ij:fi. |^,

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gm^liomtlbc apm^l corr]* che cert hdf uiB,aBil ihcbraia, thou jfh

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(hi» uture vt noi without utility. TWcy Ltod to xhf raublich-

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■A dMC0iicrc4 by Mr. Hunter in lLc cam of aui^tc of omobo-

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Bttciu to have re^Uimcd bim from pubtishmf hucy condU'

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proficiency increased during each Skylab mission with crewmen adjusting

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Ad Inau^un! DJstertaiioa ca the Um of die DJgit*lki Pur<

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bc>«i excitfd by iuurc«tcd pcrtont, atiU ejLiM, tbcy n]>pcar lo

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have no deleterious effect on the activity of the brain.

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with «i much certamty tn tbc one c«m «> in the ocber, aud the

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The stationary litter chair and goggles were used for pitch and roll

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degrees from absolute horizontal for EVLH measurements. There was no change

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OBJECTIVES : To identify and trace all microorganisms of potential medical

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Iq^ua to what we >oc occor m coaacqiw^cc of vtoltat amo-

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"Iiiord«rtoknowpo«TtiTth- ifiherv «xi>ted«03r caaam*

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lubtUvi^d «r(ery *L ike pAri where I huj jircvtottfiy ii«Uchad

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by Ottly m circucnacnbcd mll)i[nni*i»oci. TIm suppu-

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Dumbir ot i-uhuutKvt mn couccrrml; wlh-r* com^Limipd

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libuun. The reader viU fintl their opqnti>ii«.eJipreucd with

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nMtnatbe forcep* cvi foe held olCMlilrtMlVKi) the fcn^niBd

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oTtlkr iminaitT acid, «ru fit>t <tcitC(f b^CMenofiU weccMful

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fibra muscular, junto das partes homojenizadas, de pontos

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rerioT fiMum, thi* committure gr truimvtnc Uytr nf tinl^n,

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norchinae, porém o genero nio pode ser estabelecido

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T«jAJy<«r3,>adhAvcaiurvi&rd«bc(0«acMk*c«ptibleof the dU-

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be comnniiucabcd the iofection to hve (Mhcr indrviduaU of die

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Proceedings of the Sky lab Life Sciences Symposium. NASA TM X-

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EXPERIMENT TITLE/NUMBER : Endocrine, Electrolyte, and Fluid Volume Changes

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hematological and immunological systems which would cause serious concern for

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milhorofifac: Prcncb tritfuWionof Kichi«r'« Irotiw en hcni*,

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r w hfah c d. ladeed, ta trr^in^ of the cautrji ol cun<cr, nc

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OBJECTIVES : To determine the combined effects of radiation and weightlessness

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OBJECTIVES : To study the effects of gravity on the membrane and the

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duced Hfift ^ve pnrtu of lime. In imall pieecu, the Irmc nnd

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and liiAt iko pcnott in tbe world ti of grcaUr toiutqucDcc than

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thvtpommaciiia tom«««r*^'^^'^^'^^^ btsiB,RndUifltdic

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penoiu ad nulled :nto that chanty have been depvfved oFdieir

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isbi^ in armnoRr- H iv bonk li a »o« iavaltiiMc pvaductiDa,

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rd to >v<di uvxtcoithiitJitfdisfaiiccudcd iu dcAth. 'Hie wltok

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bcgua to be ftfllctcU with ihc ditonler* Tbia *Uiteaicnc«ba«-

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Fron December 1, 1810,10 December 1, 1811, there hjtvc

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whom hin louf; »iii%teii him in hU cmb|ishn>Ftii for luoadea,

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tha gbjHla cbyle flowed out ia con«iikrabk <|\URiCi<y- SoiiK of

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eadiaidciandanuftutnot iibould be ready lu give the <]pi-m'

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litfctt tafe« pUct-| ■nd uherc the rtaulauir goi-erned, for

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puUiahcd in our volume, in ihc^VFir 1T92. The artt^nU ediuuu

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qurtniliy <^ animoEHai The *)><ci&c g^^'^^ "^ nnna<»nmtai gu

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of pus. But the gre«t tiictdity, >^ cot incna»cd by neutral

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lurprtacd bo find Unt gMng aoleimi dkecticm^ for tf4 lupprrs-

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conjunction with the lower body negative pressure protocol.

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irradiation at levels between 265 and 1648 R total dose (17 and 103 R per

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oJtctt wlmiTHed OB every eo*n of Grctt Brittio b» knig nc£^

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postflight in order to assure the success of lunar surface extravehicular

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of residue wan left by the 3d, or serous kind; the largest, by

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de KRAUSE, efetuada pelo T. Cruzi em multiplicação

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manned space missions. Life Sciences and Space Research XV .

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EXPERIMENT TITLE/NUMBER : Skylab Oral Health Studies

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i* d90iu«d, the mcire >uce';t±ral wUI our practice btfcoanr^

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included routine and special laboratory tests, X-rays, electrocardiography,

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find ihat appffSrances are e-tpUinedk ottrowDnuLnner.uras

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