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l«1c« on the face bcgvn lo utl». Sho m3L «iiff«tB from tore

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PROTOCOL : The BIOSTACK flight experiment was stored in the R-1 compartment on

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ulcbF»l«d iuni«» of Agricola, F^ni^llui, Acotu, Hildanoa,

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tho«c 10 whoR) ;bU accident hu haTpeacdt hsTc b»t nil vene-

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the fianie, ^4'ivM;:J u nmch It(|i4 M for^ oohIIvI I'ht couat

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■* Madairft»tituaivd Jn 33 degrMS, 3T minutct, 30 vtandft,

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lar, iliftn fUkiurnl, or wlwtx it ti <o«plluted vkh >dhewa> Co tht

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tubcreulftr con»u(i»piion; for uuiwithuandhij; ihr many vprcJeii

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indicated cosmic radiation interaction with retina. Apollo 12-14 continued

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samples that occurred between separation and retrieval of the flight capsule.

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" 1 win condudr (lib l«i«r hy aWia^ to >-ou, ihac ftti ih*

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frer« given, but without proci^ring t ■toot, la ihe aftemaoa b«

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272. Hoffler, G. W. , A. E. Nicogossian, S. A. Bergman, and R. L. Johnson

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MCTOyt thr 3Ktion of rhr h^airi, tc appc«r»|i><lc9ttt>3rali&tlK

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in ottT primitive nKks, it is remariialily defidcmt here, Nour

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our authan call the funiLimental pan, intltpi.-uclcnt of. the

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Mid funii A ucrvuQi cunJ, sluJnl it jQtfrvoU* with niiull

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Kraactimn whiLil in be (J, conliiio«« fcvrral hoQn 01 ciayt, and

clozaril side effects agranulocytosis

all changes showed increased sensitivity, the probable site for this effect is

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hapi throw light u|kon the subjccL I remain^ dcait nr» with

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wtmunMiflff cs^^UkJr^fif the Awf titirftfnjt hfttr*,

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might ullow a purtico of ihc imtar to ba <liuac«B|r<d> tar wa

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the CMP exhibited a marked decrease in postural stability when deprived of all

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Medical legacy of Apollo - Physiological effects of stresses.

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1 applied (o the «dgc of my ondtr lipi in aboQl m qwvttr of an

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mun nfglrfird, when t cfinnuirr ihc'tr i^ndcutj' to elucidate a

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oihen in too atro*! a light, and coocening aoikkt, be jJuigether

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in aomc ii proved faial ta ibrct or frtur <!&)-■, in a few the rtifi-

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BIOSTACK III - Experiment MA-1 07 . Apollo-Soyuz Test Project -

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woulcj indeed tend greatly tu the leticnm^ ihi.- amaunc ai tatal

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ihcotigb the Mib«tanc« of tbv Ivofp* principaUy oa that cxE«r -

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If be peJed from tta turfjcr, omI adhuioAfr o' oo gi^^at

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eQ«Ktu««vv of all ilttnc Cmu, — dit pr-jdudtm of water, »1icn

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tioo of itit arteij . «a> MUicKed Lo Out lyn^ph- The coab of

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stancancow sa wheo It ii appbed In the toofpjr; f^fhtrvh^

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UdgeoCrcjiainjctVf^tt very tnaccuraKf aodii nbolly inauiji-

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pressure or of radiation exposure since the spacecraft was going below the Van

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plating of specimen materials, isolation of microbial colonies, and evaluation

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maty loaucfe teamed ;idtTT9«nct h 1 hive ibc honor oliddv^*-

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mk,iIetf('c»of the lowett iiaiet of ekttricity, 1 have been io-

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ncua, iroQ, and a sutphaWi ulao a minute portion of aticrly

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proccH tt usually preceded and actoni panted by inflankUMlios,

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Sntte. to |ilacjB of rebxiMi (rv^xAcjv) in varioui caiu Coic-

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Hi ltd wida ftufficienc niuntioo to rnible me u> mcenoiAi botr

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mcatOQ asctood po«t>OQ of (h« titn^c scTum, hsviog lacotui'


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hatdtuinora, have alAobrcnronnedinthcduramnrrr, and even

clozapine (clozaril) drug study

because of its known sensitivity to psychological and environmental factors.

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ram-nos também menos frequentes que no processo ori-

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Lnpiirr fn A^^atom^ and ^^ur^jn/ at Ciry V M^tptttd. lilut~

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had be«v «ccur«d, ivo ouacei of a iirong inlmon of rhuboib

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Ca^ of Poison bff^rsmur. G>ivupumnni/n/%Mr. Soili

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bcadthy it^m the diMMcd, and prcvcDtb^ ihctr iaurfcrcfi't:c

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shc^ of >tfi afodiccftry for icvcrol >'cant '^'^ tomr of tHcm

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Plankton from the Southern Atlantic and the Southern

clozaril dosage for schizophrenia

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mechanisms of biological damage by HZE particles, to measure the charge and

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Ueb. d. Verand. d. Herzmusk. vorallem des Atrioven-

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Wc agreed lo give the c«inpbor«t«d tnn^liioii. In lar^ daic*,

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ydloifiih; aitfw llie •amracod infution htt «a>od qiuct br 4

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28. Beaujean, R. , W. Enge, H. Herrmann, and K. P. Bartholomae

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London, iorih^ ytar 1 611, boa been adjudfrd to Mr, Jotcfh

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Carolyn Gooch , I. R. Miller, D. B. Smith and Sohei

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On dtesecoml da^ wt fiajhin rcprvataitfig lumMlf "a*mor*

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gas exchanger, evaporator, thermostatic valve, water supply, oxygen reservoir,

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rralty luihftmc-d to r*fl«t hi^w li^n^ I Iwvc suffcrrd ihem to 1^

gen can clozapine protocol

clozapine (clozaril) therapy

comparable controls. Bud blasting with flower opening was noted R+8. No

clozapine clozaril schizophrenia

EQUIPMENT : Constant speed dynamometer, bicycle ergometer, isometric device,

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but aiill ii would vtquire other cxpcntnemftio detensja* tbe

clozaril monitoring

clozapine weekly blood test

mission day 6. The major change, as much as 6.6 cm total, occurred between

clozapine side effects liver

•olcd with th« rbccrioff prospect td tong*rity, whid) he iav»

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** The hrrnid »^ being evpMcd, it to b« nrj% oprncd- aod

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UCtTlai<it<I ID prevail in this temrn] might ;rnd toprcveoi ibe

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fall on Day 5, while arterial pressure and heart rate were within

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CONCLUSIONS : Short periods of space flight do not disorganize the normal

what is the usual dose for clozapine

waUr. would always br ondorvou* ar>d >ecvc a* a k«cl. Tiro

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rdio mafce vooM obnrvMkins M iIm naEnreaf lM«t<vbcMed

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pcTved, in mjr opinion, th* nccMtii)- ot any new nttenpt to

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iht Rrcai proportion of our country mtm who arrtvpcucd to tht

clozaril monitoring program

evaluations using lower body negative pressure and passive standing as the

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ctatldTOT ©f Ihe nri of t;To»i^i*, »ho lk*d been fnv&misly

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,div HfiKiuic and funciioni of ilkc rwr^oui \yvotm in gnwral,

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tn ^e r^^ of choM binSa which place tlicir qckib on the

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EQUIPMENT : Caramelized glucose, glass ampules, refrigeration units for the

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|irufcM»>n.«ndtptirhAp«,of the public at bigc, thui the PACnre

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variance and morphology change. Fungal contamination was reported. The

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mHttJ uiUi a small t»wlli€n« fiouUicc tE> fKiliestv ibr cvkoa-

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bccfiitiin^ fttteniJon, in which ihey havr paid every rc»ptci to

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