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Ml Aiccuraic analytit Oif thaai), and con.'tcqiaeody that \t U im-

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SiDor Mr> Coopfr*< vork apprvfdf m r»ay hat been pab-

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mutbrilc*.!, innrnt^ble, tixnthing in a bufrkd maomr; ihc rcv

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taken to a height of 236,000 ft. Heart rate, respiration, arterial and

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^ouD inocuktiBg fcv the am^pov, or diMributitig Boullpox

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controls and the flight package were disassembled and particle hits were

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383. McCutcheon, E. P., C. A. Berry, G. F. Kelly, R. M. Rapp,

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i«#rdat ItnfioTtaaec to incri-a*e ibc ifoantiiy of tighr Ibr mta'«

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CLASSIFICATION : Plant - European water cress seeds, ( Arabidopsis thaliana )

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approached the minimum response sensitivity of the PRD's. This was among the

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Thirty-two plants were flown in a package in the spacecraft behind the

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electrodes set in its skin, and placed in the capsule. The capsule was placed

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Space. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium.

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9. Alfora, D. K. , T. Hoshizaki, and T. W. Tibbetts

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vd U[xrti for the cxcrcUc of their fianviioi^t psdualty ajkne.'*

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OBJECTIVES : To test the physiological effects of rocket flight.

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