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its phases. Aerospace Medicine. 41 : 529-537, 1970.

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'Itir work i« rnihcUith^il w^hvlcvrn plftE«it WuKONiTV «f

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tthc Retreat. In nil ejsci where ihe dl.waisr has Hiipcrrenedi or

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OBJECTIVES : To determine the effect of weightlessness on the ability of a

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iMipirft both Mtii and, oKUJonully. there have btes ihrcr

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high energy loss (HZE); to obtain as much information as possible on the

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lorgr. BuUiFrrantouft laibomtory.'* CbcmttCf) nauMnow.^c are

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l>eiii|[ lotccieMiag to his pfoCrMiorul hrcthrffi; and although

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irradiated and non-irradiated. Sr was used as the radiation source and

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<imducfDc to the foreran, thM gtorralljr h^ipciw*'

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jad CcriKuntin^ iu lukcr cxiRaait^ at Bbout hflir >D locli idthli

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Bftd espcdaUy vhcn tbr port of ihc irri removed ha» Included

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die Inngt, thcic arc aUo true lympharJc glanda widi which

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them ntift truly aflrctcd with coavufeii^ aaihmai To the wlioLc

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lock ofciicfa child rin tmpty E^urd or califaculi, well carkKl.

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capsule subjected the sensors to a range of 10 g during weightlessness and

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OD« ttU9 of thv pwigft a ^ of dbtttie to d<ath. Mid fa tuunlnT of

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" Bflith leftcielct, but more f^vneraUy one, lo*ei m port ilt

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inflight was less than that established during the control study. There was a

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inftUDcet, ihrce of which happene>d in one CunUy. Tb<«e wire

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Thz oU»r mode, thotigH U^ta dirrd, tt eqiml^ condualvt-

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rnay^uU, flUycrofennfiTiIkhLe lyvph, poured out by ch«

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uid iTpjoi into and froKi the Jungi about thirty time* in a

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piabftin ncfa of iIm^k fntknia w» an kovrrtd, dial it bcfwae

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fiHdcd not fliore than one part nl animal maitcr. frov each

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•Uvngih of an oaiimai proportionate to ihc client of Ui chc»t:

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rcQiJuntof inHec<4,£Lc. 9c(, witli coloured plitcif». Third ind

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detectors. The BIOSTACK unit was flown in the Command Module where shielding

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onAioicy, I CBunoi doubt thju na« nr more ht^erti^ciu V< prc-

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conaequcncc, but. if aup^unuiim enaova, unl the pwnube*

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rated, various other errors, both of the press and of die editor,

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of 1i^ b alwiyi pibfuUy fBttrvMin^ lo tJie paticiiu ud

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ai Fowlctliook, to ibc iummic of Sciiooley & mouAaoi. ~Vht

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ptrvcT H> JWniih «uch vldilioiul ivtdoncft axuX Iram vi tci-

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cera," «ayi die author, " be a »ifttt, T Hvipect it » nM »»Tkriy

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Kv;<p.hiMEHr 31. A wound ins mule In the tide of a nMit,

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postflight giving special attention to findings suggestive of exposure to

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^fit4 die ^ . . . 7>dAinn ar iblfl dtpMli MAir pUff .iwrf

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ahaU be realrrfil. In lueaaiul^or nnhtri/ oecunmce, aa it

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hM TOTiK* Hk ftp«Mfi «>uJ ■UffincT^. ^rtn tbt vriy drrn

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to which hlthcno c«po«ed, uid Mr drvtniciibk by Wftny ihin^

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wLihciihtT of thff i»o icau ; aiul hcucc potMh uinlcrrtdlocx*

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Physiological responses of the astronaut in the MR-3 flight.

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or iLnlnal itnprrMiotifl^ tn<taK therefore ilcacTJbnl v^of p)i*

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i^tt lUtiBiBBvbtrvlitavilbriitealinU pr*^fcTlf ^ndutrfd.

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eovicrrd WM Qotnmo*ed hiy tncdictne, but leemed mher gr»*

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meition nlwitu eccjuion* a dicninmton in the diciincif r of (he

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dittftU, 'n Ualtogedkcr iBuAioimfj tnd the mcitial lUff at

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the physiological pathology that prompted the termination of the flight. Such

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this doea not take place uniformly. In a great proportioo of the

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Uicd it ai mnnurei li wu not foimd, howcver> <opoMet« *ay

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IlHwe of cbe«Dut oak (fwvniu prinw moWiceia) yielded ft

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MAN N) com o qual mantém uma continuidade orgânica.

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npfAkaifon. of dae piuii, I had the moriificatton of Mving hiA

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icicntilic phy^ieiia vtU hurc no cause to rrgrct his inabltiiy |o

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^anu prc^MWt. £Tf»thea*hcexpericDCtdoptirt«^onof the

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TTir gfcurr ii*< nf ihe firld aitUlm- trid orf ihc ha^«ncl kt nur

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splashdown, showed even greater leg volumes in accordance with the reversing

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1) Steps of constant angular acceleration from 0.02 /S to 3.0 /S

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Arrf are many oxcepiion^j asd. with <luc defervn^c to Mr-

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(Trypticase soy broth) was used for aerobic analysis and VIB (veal infusion

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OBJECTIVES : To study the genetic effects of spaceflight alone and in

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D. Hildebrand, C. Jacquot, R. Kaiser, J. P. Massue, E. Obst, D. D.

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inspiration and breath holding was noted R+1 and R+2. Parameters measured

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and a ainoded vcuf], madr b^ tli.-owingiitthoc, wiihiirope

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i<juntr>.aiiii fnr ever}- variety or type of fever, (lOttiihtfrireH

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