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Prednisone Dose For Asthmatic Bronchitis

OBJECTIVES : To ensure a safe, habitable spacecraft environment for the

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bial Response to Space Environment Symposium. NASA TM X-5 81 03 ,

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cT<r, aonijeciLtiEi ilcaiiLntE otthn pmiaiuot wludi I tbuak a(ia.y

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R+5. Postflight echocardiographic analysis showed ventricular dimensions

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Kewton. of Jani«« »treet, Covcoi Garden, wbo cnurtaiu oo

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of two inches d.:kI ■ ha\f MtM^ts\ ki> it, Tkr thoi uxoi owr

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with ground* and plaotaliona ocnily laid out uoood JE. where

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ActKcd wtib «7-inptums ci!<t;l1y KimilorKi lho>c of the preceding

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comparable controls. Bud blasting with flower opening was noted R+8. No

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Selection of artificial gravity by animals during suborbital

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pnctke; arc havr, buwwBT, noafaaolobi mart; to diqiingtiiih,

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live iituatMn of die apfrnaiic cord aiKJ harftial MCi and, t«ppo*-

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CONCLUSIONS : Inflight data confirmed that lower body negative pressure in

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the p4rt>i]rwna of thai dUtreuit»g maiad>. Thai a diteate ge-

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Biosatellite Project Historical Summary Report. Ames Research

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drtiuibtd her ty«cm» and Pier mind ihai-cd in thi* new itatc of

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flamed, and lined with a vi«cnl and rccldhb eirbMance.*^}

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eowagioua. Smallpox vu forfnerty very dc^inici^ve ia this

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Emory U. , Atlanta, GA, July 2, 1968, p. 8-38, 1969.

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Satellite XVII. School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks AFB , TX,

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and IreclbnoliilHViitfer'caAiic form, ihr difffrnioe can hftrdl^

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|thc vc^tatHr kingdov in ivppori of luch as opniios* Th«

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reoclvtn^ ibr stream tmmediauty front the spotu. Bvtttctta

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>]iac pnnion ioT the aitachjnrat ol' ihc apoocurcali ol the iliac^

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UkiDir ttiy BMMUfO (KiiAfcd oiM by du Ktu;;d i:uadiuon of their

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or for extended periods. The points of primary emphasis were the function and

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and Hypodynamic Environments. NASA SP-269, p. 35-50, 1971.

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tome opinlvn^ be rormE:fly pubUdjcJ* ihiil Otmz iv/v m-^xn

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between crewmen. The number of personal contacts with the crewmen was

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ractcf4x4d hy proparties which cnutie U to a pbce among the

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CONCLUSIONS : These photosynthetic organisms are capable of living and

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By a unulAT pn>ce» id the aboTV, eUnic boctlea, £rc. may

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rcm(1kt liUPt Iw" I'^fJ "pr^ IrtTitinI by (he Mtuwrn of CBtcn. |)<lnu.

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under ivhkch pLiUcuU often linger i^Jt Mvcrat lacmdu. whea

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effects. The measurements of arterial and venous pressures failed. The

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of i|> baviaf ni*t«U ia ibc hagbftt gr*dr- ladMd, ihot is

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atop-cock. The machine, when filled with ur, will displace ft

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fwm ■ ^ntivinuiii iliiily ^t»« of i;fi', wliu IiaJ !c*t Hit ■ifi^i "f H niwjj

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Role of nuclear stars in the light flashes observed on Skylab

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•alt wa« collected frciiii tike iklet of the jar, Ir g«rc iodkatiooa

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mHttJ uiUi a small t»wlli€n« fiouUicc tE> fKiliestv ibr cvkoa-

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ffver. ve both hvfpa and more nniiMvoiu iboft in aqv other

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the pntKoi from the more dltrrc»ing rav*^ r>f chi dhca»;

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on Gravitational Physiology, Varna, Bulgaria, May 30, 31, 1975

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•boa bcg*a to becatli wtth greater ftvodou, and m about half

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from tbe toondcd edgr of ih« crur«J arch, «}oag ibo ipac« b«*

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inch ffonniutonBexioavhh the ootiw a, and be carried qokUy

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During the contiauancc of the nnifjckl respirntbn, the IJootl

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had propoacd to pay hibtiaal visiioniho Slat. Oothemonijng

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talus and hand phalanges were evaluated for changes in skeletal

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louf t«l btood. liiitrixtuccdaiubcitttiM^cda^niUKlpnxliMJed

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graphy and microspectrophotometry. Study of returned living cells included

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DISCIPLINE(S) : Radiobiology, Genetics, Behavioral science

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tUtAtf ia comact with tbt: brtck at tile oo vh>ch it iv«u, vlih

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lux). Cultures were selected and placed in space flight devices F-2 for U.S.

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keeping the solar panels from deployment. The lowest rates were resting rates

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occupi^ an undun person oJ ihs ortill, aniJ to occktioo dhfficolrf ^|

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began CO HKnuruMB. Ilic dit<huftv« houYi^cr* wju by no

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caiMii with every otJicr pki r ttl ih ahip wh cut off. Aoodtet

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