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Ondansetron Odt Vs Zofran

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flight package were disassembled and the particle hits were graphed.

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Of ihii ^rtt/l nnnbfT of woncn 930 wtn drifveirrl hy art, the

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isgofslxcftof 'hr principal phrsiciaDcofParUtexprtA* their

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jntt(h oJ the atUBiBoa of (1i« wntvouM* wad mra of

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'llw auvthor tccofdin^v dirTi:lH the afiplioiion of kecliv* to

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Iiiwttk«> I have known paijenc«, who w«re ontkr a x-ol«ruty

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changes in behavior induced by growth in the Skylab environment. These

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■nd thtirfunctM)n*pr«Aerved vnuTfi uoafr notloflaBrrovtrw

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hi& band QA Um pottft antfby cvdiiinunK/* Here, bcre bmypds,

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factors. Spread of pathogens between crewmen was common. While the total

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When we compiiftf ihtm wi<h CIiimp^4 dnvingion the

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Space Research XII. Proceedings of the 16th plenary meeting,

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ibjf it 10 be apptird a pWer cif sdhraiiv p1n«Kr,eif tbr &i7,e o^

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PROTOCOL : The chimp, "Enos" was trained for 1263 hrs. during a 16-mo. period,

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he could nai mAv« ti ni «l],] And kid acnudly vctxivtrrcd fntcn

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PROTOCOL : Four 35 day old plants were flown and photographed at ten-minute

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os>^n, c»fvcialt>' ButaifcMcU bf ib« ci«t to b« lamcptod Li^

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MiitimeiM* wc-rcty r«*pcctful actnMk>n;y«t, on tfaitocmlon,

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<lbck*rged s conitdund^ilfT quuiiUy nf Add fn>m his bUMuNcit,

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coLi^^ilji^h tbt rcdLKtioo u( heraut, and idso m theappULauonof

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hodyt nx iacbei broad, complied of ;ibout 50Cj old iBTem

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of iiacuvifv atthecLoBc of ihcM^ond month of gewaiion- Tht

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compared with data from nonf light irradiated and nonirradiated control plants.

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Engineering aspects of the experiment and results of animal tests -

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ACiioci witk ilir other *y«t«a« oi dir ovrvct. It do more

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Hoffman relate* lh« ca*« of a ^iJitivnt who lad an extensive

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dM diScrcBi lecTt^UM *fc<n iocr«M«d by it all at cmcc, v>£.

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laruric ocul or wilh oxymimftte of plEttin^. The cubic crysoli

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rrvni nndtor*. By «onic, atronf; ouisiicA hmr been rccom-

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hAlf an inch did meter, fa-iien;dio the front oi the girdU by a

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ate uftcniijrd* illu^tntnl and cuiifinncd Liy, those of othcv

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PROTOCOL : Bacterial spores, protozoan cysts, plant seeds, shrimp eggs and

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ba\ icocc of (he aim; m propoitktii ju iJig mic |xitt hj* mon

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3Jdi. IIk fcrtr incrcaMd.afidunghttiebrcnnKdeliriovu-

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The raiionolr of thia cX|nnt»itnt Ls auflicientt^ obvjoii**

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each crewman in the preflight, inflight, and postf light phases. The crew

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LQt, howcTtr, <aur oa thU put of th« iiVb|ett. a^ ibe vtduave

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qucnity the cineri<iouft lubitaoce h <otle<ted iato a body, u

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Sooae criaU are refiorted to hav« ahown a railier Kton abun*

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baseline information for detecting and identifying postflight physiological

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tlic evils from theuisclvoi la b« aggnvated ia the familic* of

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'rurcoD^A deBcnplIao of the Lytta Visiata dacM not nitwer

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has been attempted and accomplished in space Life Sciences. It is divided

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Radioassay, fluorometric and gas chromatographic techniques were used for most

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Cellular immune response - Experiment MA-031. Apollo-Soyuz Test

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CONCLUSIONS : This flight pointed out some of the problems of reliable

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CLASSIFICATION : Plant -' Wheat seedlings ( Triticum vuleare )

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ihc Cfvcb of ha» rcBbtfkk, and bocaoM oiov nod mor« coo*

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uliioL, 6r dccu»po«rd nt th*b degrve of heat ntr cot pho»*

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chromosome cultures and the serum and erythrocytes were used for other

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PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR(S ) : Joel G. Wordekeraper, and Donald W. Schlack

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scromomum vm oapabLe of miiij^nng or rvmavicig Mthm.

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A morte do doente iealizou-se no hospital. Auzencia de

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■hovU be void of ell tfirc^fonr. But Uirrv b aoiuchre^

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fed Paramecium. Five complete units of 24 chambers were assembled 2 days

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and touch hit furikulnry iniertM m|[, and will concct nutn^

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much avrdlcdi 3d. T^c paituUs on die face ue At the hci{i;hi.

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the tioic of (htir birtht wc not onlv Kmarfcabl}- pTOminctkt^

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^BO io ihr AJcuMioa Afld tHc of the openinf: ihraR|>h «hieh ll

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ubicb Mr. OtDsvcuor v/sa aUcuvd, fornu au CKcepUoD lo a

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Analysis of inflight sleep, experiment M008. The Gemini

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EQUIPMENT : Pressure suit, liquid cooling garment (LCG).

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ar* f|Tciii)y mated wiibhwiic fever Midiiin^ai na i»,mJ givg

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fl, WTifn HTi LTiisinl it appairntly d^ad from the iii{Tu«»ce of

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unite at the mcdiaa lint* Hiv Mcctkifiag or divcrgui|f fibres

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nbr wu> brougbi (o bed ct thU ion in Ociobcr, leooi thai aijt

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PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (S ) : Ashton M. Graybiel, and Earl F. Miller

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■akl Jibuu4ii>ur iftoodt*. He cwjld nottncc iu<xigtD toany

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log in ^iffrrcnt dcrgrcc* d ^'S^'» ^^'' ^'^ ^^^ fuAgiu bjecBtiKxUt

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of M> JUtfTCT cijDttiaa m raikcliott uf l«te nore cuiilIu^y* in

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in ihoAe peculiar habat* of body 90 tutcepliUc to brconic lali-

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PROTOCOL : Preflight pulmonary function tests were performed in conjunction

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wai a Mauna MiUica, lij^ Solomon Frank, I proutfitd agalMM

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deployed, but did not open, with the monkey dying on impact. Some information

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CLASSIFICATION : Plant - Tobacco seeds ( Nicotiana tabaccum )

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