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diniry circumscanceft. I have biicTy^ with thf a>aiiiinnc« <>f my

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enzymes cannot be directly implicated as indicating evidence of red cell

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atanding forty-eight hoar»i thrre founbi of a pint of clear

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quantitative ataxia test developed by Graybiel and Fregley. The test employed

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H.ivitro on a former occmioh hid brfon thrr locircy nome

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his sleep periods containing electrodes for EEG measurements of brain waves,

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iBJusBcc and rapine. The bank* of both ihe £uphnicrs aod

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If, hdHTiCTtT. Ailfpartirentof ltiAc«UbiiAtiincnt>pfiru|fnaj£Jiu(}iE vlLl'liiB

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indicate that averages of 2900, 3000, and 2867 kcal/day were consumed by the

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outnut of nftturc to a Mat hy bu »iife, or proaounce tb« con*

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muscles regain strength and mass, there occurs an overcompensation reflected

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ETunx^ Aiiihur of a Nltw S^«1<m oi Mcrlic-inc, fkc tt*

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Ihapi the motf important varirty, U, wheret^ obiuratw artery

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th» cicurii, wtA alio ^x^, the profuci* of Hm but n»

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Fotiry and Philotopliy af die celebrated phytUiftD amd fawd of

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Effect of temperature and X-irradiation on pupae of the flour

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25. Barlow, G. H. , S. L. Lazer, A. Rueter, and R. E. Allen

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burning sensation and itching of the exposed skin surfaces which subsided

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of a c^iamci; in cbuo casea the opentcion ^ill be the moai Uq«^

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aor doctrine* of it> fuKcrioos, and the raftnencc of the prt^-

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howei'er vtolcnt^ bjr n lov dtet, or «k>kni cVjciatioof •

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computer program (VECTAN). Design of the test sequences allowed direct

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Deutsch. The revised edition was prepared by Michele Anderson under the

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Lnpiirr fn A^^atom^ and ^^ur^jn/ at Ciry V M^tptttd. lilut~

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laboratory experiments. Life Sciences and Space Research XV .

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DQcaDA cf alcohol. Into tiro diitmct and icpamte pam, one

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OBJECTIVES : To study alternating vegetative mycelial and spore ring

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Oiir author mentkin» one renuakablc caac of ATrr^c^^ /frr-

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Would you hiiTc anyi^cciton to lay iht n^Kraiirc bdbPt

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CONCLUSIONS : This experiment demonstrated the validity of the capsule

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CLASSIFICATION : Animal - Cynomolgus monkey ( Macaca irus )

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~ aad deliveries itrcre alvA}<« uttcudcd ^^ith much hudily pain*

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its phases. Aerospace Medicine. 41 : 529-537, 1970.

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Anaheim, CA, Oct. 10-16, 1976. IAF Paper 76-032, 8p. , 1976.

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OBJECTIVES : To study the effects of weightlessness on nuclear and cellular

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Aamy ■inrntion had forn consTdrmMe time bt en partial*

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lo be a f}ro*utuufM of tiJtnC*, impboced in ua bythr ^rfti

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well as the ultimatr tr<!ovfry <vr Mr. GroavenoT, were not in-

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bo m^triacic acid^ ii not mconsiitcot witb ray trpcrimetf*; but

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c^jiitptnJvU RLk 4pr<VrTaliiralllbnii«»ufltiJilunJc. Trbii^rciiilcolt cbil)

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and computer analysis of telemetered electroencephalographic

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Physiological effects of space flight in animals and men.

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transaminase, or cytochrome C reductase. Enzyme kinetics and distribution

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DlAit*, *iMUklvr mcttt ulmyi gntelinUf BclGncMrMie ibe

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About two yrar& agii, upun ihi» buttjcci, he mentioned to mc

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more compU-x ixpcdKnia h MCtumry, The »am« may be ob-

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Af the hni alcohol^ *a that the whoie luri'uce migbc be ancccM-

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ilocon^ioaed. One hwUrcd gnaax of ihw MdimvUttubjVcirii

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ellite. AIAA Conference, Huntsville, AL, Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 1974.

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the artificially injected electrons and to careful planning of the trajectory.

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