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haa^^rct by dcgrfc;^ aod at Uaj^ bocofon a alou^tli. Let xkot

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fcnuleii. if ihvy Jo pot concluitvely evince thai umcnorflMB

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tudo da formação do tecido de granulação desse maneira

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thanrr aeri brlau ;i. Thm the imcviJnQi dMc^nded ima the upfirr

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liitfacr of a thin puvtcv I ^nt m»do (h^ vouad, and llten

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BJbnRdant cxpwtiiraiioa of i)uEu ft diJlrrcnt Ciod from dkr

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fiiagiM u uwujiIIt cDiallrr in it* n«ck wIwr tl jonw ibc ulcri>-

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ago declared in ootm, thM he wonld not py u-v/^raif for the

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inckioci ilwit^ OMaiiam n dJininution in the diamnrr nf the

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Space Research XV. Proceedings of the 19th plenary meeting of

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pnctk« hftrc leM wci|^t vidi aic, tbtti d^ oMdaoiiialf is*

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«d. It unountcd to fnur j^Iot. One p«ni, Of Blxcccn oudcc^,

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vw ivw hid hvr. llin huvn-ert u mx thi cw** for it U itiEl

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bbour* under ^rcM oppceMios in ibc rcf^ of tbc cbwt

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T«ry »UDDg bluf > l>r MiMlAg •AluiiMt <pf iron, but 1 could an no

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caMMf befit up by ft lew <UaioTou« ioJtvkloiib ia ilic q#*

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I luve jJn-;iyB wiihcd ta commfc^c the cidiib'itiuii uf iKiA re-

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fn ouay cuci, I h^st vpplkd time £ie« «□ dtildreti, WTih-

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uuiti«t a country pleuli^ly checkered widi foreni 4od /attn«,

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en the chcm, ihp got every day voftkcr, more efltitciaud, end

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PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (S ) : R. Facius, D. Hildebrand, G. Hoeltz, G. Horneck,

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ivon, EhM rhU WM a dctHy niArlff d cdSf of (in!i!1f>0Ki

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* *ie>rr4 i< iif upin'iun ll-il tn ii-cuiiiuhtkiik gfHijilarlkrivTeii llv chOFiud

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Discoverer vehicle. Lectures in Aerospace Medicine. School of

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U t)tit pHltiTely LUtcd. It it ihoughi probable thai new an--

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diiacanditJoaof (ha tyvban-' fiuimyaatkipailoiu were not

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crew. Only the Scientist Pilot of Skylab 3 and 4, and the Pilot of Skylab 4

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caiFDOJ in^Linunuioo ii doc«, but Mivooly by rEOMvUi^thi;

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gcoo* </t LoodoQ. dT<t< pp. 237. London, 1805.*

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to the paia the rflcft ccrutaof, speedily compcU him to desist-

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between two fixed straps, which rest upon the shoidden the

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110, the silicon telescope-spectrometer was deployed for the measurement of

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Dept. of Industrial Engineering at the U. of Michigan); audio tape recorder,

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fecundity of eggs. The only mutagenic effect found was a threefold

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arquqncc of which the operator may ^nd It difiituH to uiiB*

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Trypanosoma hippiatm, ájente da 'murriña", uma tri-

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Etude descriptive des Péridiniens et des infusoires ciliés

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death ktndl} lIouiUie «ccn«* Among; mua^ pctvtintidMiiyiiip-

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beetle, Tribolium confusum. Radiation Research. 37: 567-576,

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tod the cikIi of the ligtture were left otit it Uic ttUmtl womiij-

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lion of th« Bofi part*. It will br found, h'iw<rvor, thm Uic pubic

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located in relation to biological objects and the physical quantities of these

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ffxperlmeutm which have bctii inUituicd en the lubject, have

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r'mg the ligMore very ligbl. At tiae end of forijr-fivc

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shkdEciGiitaieaidjneu lO allow me Ui JlUibuli: viy couaiUtrablo

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or 911 hourt, or later, the Tlquor ti sanarattd and rtmftioa

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Upon bvntigatrug the Knirc«« of thn dircTol pcitilfact* I

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insect eggs were studied for inhibition of germination, inhibition of cell

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teitl mKl l^pAMtid voftaela haci givtft wsy in lenral piri* of

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Environment Symposium. NASA TM X-5 8103, p. 137-151, 1973.

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duaUy recovered by ihc irvHcmgni llim wt< *^tkd for the it'

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cuvettes, 140 neutral density filters, 28 bandpass filters, 8 recording

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cur«v ftflo- ihe iu« of tbc tvcncdy for a ^ery ^ott linM m thb

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ihctittrrvdrdgvof thQ»t«rt]o^lc>do niMCouJeu^ mifttcla. Ttw

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Biochemical changes in the endosperm of wheat seedlings in the

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avidity' in ihii country. We « ith tuccest lo an undrrUking

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iiiiiil iphpiide panicles w*re mtm with ih* microscope at juii

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Biosatellite III - Preliminary findings. Science. 166: 492-493,

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groups of plants were subjected to horizonal and vertical rotation on the

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penict totalis unlike my oihrr mnwdy in 0«Ct ihr nNfiiry wjd

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presumably as a consequence of altered autonomic neural inputs upon the

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labryinthectomized. The mice had to climb over a small paddle while

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|[fent a constrkiioa opon the dinphnj^m that he could hnnfly

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tortured) aIvc lu«thrr rT»t|bcrcou^cun«on;shebc>au»boc

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iu hivour oC eiiur audion. nlbtrivs Uurm the ncnt of having

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Th« board wt of oj>taion« tbM ibv case of the honourable

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ftpplicfttion* of ncry kind nboold be uvtA with ^«u cftuiion

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removed by the cureuei Soa»c degree of iafiamnnatioD agiin

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lira, umvtkt and diiu-ctic cfrcu, Elabex Ju4n po$K«a^ anothw

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coupled with possible reductions in vascular tone of the venous system.

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a la^ «poenful of pwi aiuid whh a dail te>d ante. Sptaft*

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"The tct'tiriiy deritTd (mm vacciiulion agajEiit ihe stnaU^

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CONCLUSIONS : Inflight data confirmed that lower body negative pressure in

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pboffihar^ hot been ucribuJ ^encnUy lo combuAlifMW Mr.

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oAm^ at firM« trtiperrcr-tlypeTformrdtUid ti aah f ett nrcrrwAnh

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