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stntneftf wa$ roatnvi-d levcnJ yean ago by Ur* Pfaytki for

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vhich is i»rd la divic|« ihf roracA in immeiin;: the caUncf,

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RESULTS : On Apollo 7-10, no light flashes were detected. On Apollo 11, dark

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rcgioe of Niagara, md otod^ th« banks of ihe Mrhavk rivvi-'

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uma alteração real da estrutura, constituida em vida do

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may be that sub-inhibitory concentrations of cosmic radiation may have a

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(haractfr. It wculd, huwcvrr^ be highly impmprrto nfth die

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lioa otf &ciTc*tig«Mg thv Mibj-^rt, and have M do ««« to cam-

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DISCIPLINE(S) : Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Behavioral science

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other mmiirlftl uUk produced by Dihtr acida and mercury at

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PUBLICATIONS : 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 479, 480, 481, 546

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Joumali Aod Reviews of Grctt Bntaiii and the Continent of

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ici|ucu ttmaOprjK n fiot aatti.g;aiied in lay ca^, Kid tJicrrforCt

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CONCLUSIONS : The accumulated data suggest that the objectives were met by the

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MCi were olMpTvcd eovvrin^ die potaitv potcbn in ibt vicinity

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ihcotigb the Mib«tanc« of tbv Ivofp* principaUy oa that cxE«r -

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I>tfwi% Mffljcjied lkiiLg^t«. find n r.<w und lafe nMhod of

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be tempted to propose lorp opf Ekiogv* or rrm MnputMioot m

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iufnKy. VMcioiukiri wub iairudjctil laio tl>c fouudliii^ liut-

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In iht niKt nr^iiott dity enccr *1 gir» length on ihc fuiK<

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liDo i>canc«r, in«ccad<irbcing, ai theauthomya^thcncdiing

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^■1 Milua^ but the m«vy vno iiicUidfd in the ligMurc, tad

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entcoiuw of die prduicc; ihat, amojig ihe aopcrior clavKa of

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fcamra mtt^ iwoUen, but not very much r-o. llw ikio was

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All pfiim Wid onMuin«tft> Tb« ttmperacuy« of both ami conti-

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lory of ihii powerful medbctne, ha» displayed prooJ* of coxmu-

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compensatory, adrenal-pituitary-mediated retention of water and sodium and by

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pnor to ha death, ihc dkrtiivrs* frnco theorilice had gndu-

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fmerE mtroduccd into a WDund in the bide i>r a moiuc. Two

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from the source so that each would receive its correct exposure.

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wa Ltiblc to occuloaal fiiliutt— «ik«t Bcdkine wouid reoMin

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upptisr* l&tiirr no cfln^tjiu ^ miuSiilc if tll^rrAr at load. U mty

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^anu prc^MWt. £Tf»thea*hcexpericDCtdoptirt«^onof the

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(Trypticase soy broth) was used for aerobic anlysis and VIB (veal infusion

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(ums irrre panted round Ehi^m, nnd tied ta the tuual wa^, but,

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Month* much more rapidly. In Jaaiuiy il wm no btggei thm

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ittohippeQ* ihAtoliiioAi *M ihc vTiiingt^f UrUvdJoe*, nun-

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UcaiUu pa*tiag down to form ihf crur>l thruh, dw U*<u

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[.intrntiont, w< cannot rc^nrd him la Any tower ligbr, than at a

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ear cavity bilaterally (recovery condition directly related to the amount).

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>t my pivccdiag virii. The wcUkig of «he «m wu perhaps

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■natiftl)* bni whcix th< irnnudiai« daofF^r pv>\ orcr tt had bvcft

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iind bcai^ loiilcd vridi wounJed, utrc tccn rowtng ■bout in

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On tlic 14ch. »acnr twi> <ir tfane loctiei deep. Os the ^13il

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UcAry'i abMiKv, (kkI Bubac^ucDti}-). that ihc crupiMa btd

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to 25 foot candles, and six days or less of darkness, followed by exposure to

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to both pii ;iiul miii^OK, drooliy ihtm Io ptodixe ckar Di^uEd*,

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in any astronaut. The small decreases in left ventricular end-diastolic

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distributed more evenly within the vascular system and away from the gravity-

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which at the time vr^it wholly un«iitfwctcd; and it may at kR«t

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• 'o*w ivf t >Pg<ii.{, t •■pi fififw J^ifiirii ■■■*n*y*«* JjiT'™. ■ -r*" — *^»»-

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, eoonpEiund anictt in wbkh » man) mrirc jtarXA mt iittcTta'at-

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(page 3i; that the aaimil did nrft VBff<T from the Liijanire

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for, on ejiposing it to ignited coals, it emitted a strong

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ChryitJdli Lumv esMOt teu Mania aliqciod ntriolum, ctiam ia

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I oO Bfe— i howftxr, ihiC theic spr ^.xiIatiTf nbjccti^lis la the

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The vMroBaeau MnpAored by Mr, Gibioft, arv^ m ftddiuan

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pharyoK vriih ihcir vDtemal membrane* were cquAltj^ «o<md^ Tbo

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VU Intrndi^d to amrltoratei la thr propwtun of short five in

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o4ouj <^f animal mauer^ il ii pardy dii«o1vcd in boiling; dit-

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th< minrral to th'tt cou&ny- h u found in a very niii uK<d

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rv]j[4mt w^en (LIb htfFpcn*. Lhr< in* it Lu^c Uk bs iflwIveJ in titc numl.

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Constata-se que, cessado o aglomerado, a fibra mus-

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pote of fticertninbg tbc changt* that bad happeni;d, from the

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porpodie In vkror, tt vcmld be proper ta hnTC no^ or boopa B

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altrntion to botanical TMrarch, amid^i the mgagemcnu of rV'

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hdnl, nitli a dry cou{^ ■InuM jiuvft«M»|KmicuUrly)iiUic

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of the coil of Gron cDur und of lir Henry Manin* Bar;, h»ve

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mov>1 of coogeMien tn the livcTf their dyapom Unving thrni,

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I S«f itit JTp<Hl «f Ujff n^Tkl v}^C<^ of pbpieuM « net i*»ij:fi. |^,

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gm^liomtlbc apm^l corr]* che cert hdf uiB,aBil ihcbraia, thou jfh

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(hi» uture vt noi without utility. TWcy Ltod to xhf raublich-

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■A dMC0iicrc4 by Mr. Hunter in lLc cam of aui^tc of omobo-

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Bttciu to have re^Uimcd bim from pubtishmf hucy condU'

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proficiency increased during each Skylab mission with crewmen adjusting

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Ad Inau^un! DJstertaiioa ca the Um of die DJgit*lki Pur<

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bc>«i excitfd by iuurc«tcd pcrtont, atiU ejLiM, tbcy n]>pcar lo

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gouh tbc paniDOnl covrring Croni a portioa ot iUteatbr.

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